Welcome movie fans! Come on in and view some fabulous montages of awesome films. Inside you'll see some classic Disney animation as well as the Great Movie Ride montage featuring over 125 classic and not-so-classic films in impressive video quality.

Choose your theatre from the marquees below and enjoy your stay.

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For the past 20 years, THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE has entertained at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Like the park itself, the attraction has something to offer Disney and movie fans alike.  For many of us, this finale montage has been an audience favorite.  In a three minute experience, 126 films are briefly featured in a thematically driven piece.  Come on in to watch the video as it was when the park opened, and please do not bump the car ahead of you…

I have always been a fan of THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE and especially the end montage.  It has been intriguing over the last two decades to watch the updates as not-so-great movies are given a boost standing next to their superior cousins.   But what if they asked me to make my own?  Here is a look at one such possibility.  Please turn off your vehicle high beams as you enter if the film has started.

When the Disney/MGM Studio opened, it strived to be a working studio including a large section devoted to animation.  With Such a rich history of innovation of animation, the presentation featured a montage of some of Disney’s best works.  Please keep unruly children under close supervision.


In a clever effort to make the movie ride enjoyable to those who may not have seen one or all of the featured movies, a queue line trailer film was created.  Each specially edited piece would provide a base for any rider.  Come on in to experience that pre show again.

After 10 years, THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE continued to thrill its audience, but the audience was changing.  Over the “movie ride” existence, changes were made that were intended to insert some contemporary relevance.   Most of these changes were insertion of Disney properties to expand its synergy.  Please pull forward and park wherever you please.

As the studios celebrated its second decade, so did the movie ride and its movie montage.  This is what the montage looks like during the summer of 2009.  Don’t forget to visit the refreshment stand for the best in refreshments…

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